Consciousness Boca

Life Coaching With a Soul


  • For those who want to overcome depression, anxiety, fears, and insecurities.

  • For those who want to know who they are, their true values, their genuine thoughts, and feelings.

  • For those who want to find their vocation and life path.

  • For those who want to develop independence, focus, determination, and courage.

  • For those who want to resolve conflicts in their relationship with spouse, children, friends, and colleagues.

  • For those who want more harmony, spontaneity, and joy in their life.

Evolution of Consciousness

Personal and Professional Development

Dream Analysis

Knowing Yourself to 

Heal and Empower Yourself

Conscious Pregnancy

Natural Birth

Conscious Motherhood

Mom-Baby Bond

Breastfeeding Support

Parenting Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Past Life Therapy

Regression to Your Unconscious Memories of this Lifetime

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Healing

Group Study





"Thank you for sharing your special magic with me so

I could find mine."

Rich H. - Boca Raton, FL

About Adriana

A citizen of the world, her heart divided between Europe and the Americas, speaking fluently three languages (Italian, Portuguese, and English), understanding two others (French and Spanish). Mother of a bright and sweet young woman, lover of animals, passionate student of life and human nature. And, mostly importantly a scholar of the psyche.

"Of all the things we need to thank in this Thanksgiving Day, you are the most important, Adriana."

Francis B. - Boynton Beach, FL

I Encontro Aella

O pensamento psicanalítico hoje numa perspectiva dialética e unitária.

14-18 de agosto de 2019

Itapecerica da Serra/SP - Brasil

I guarantee you that there is always a WAY.

Aren't you alive?

Aren't you unsettled with your situation?

That means that there is an answer right next to you. You just can't see it.

Consciousness is lifting this veil of blindness.

Consciousness fires courage when you understand (with your mind-and-soul) the true meaning of what is at stake.

Consciousness then shifts into strength and determination. 

Consciousness is the only effective support for a joyful approach to one's inner and outsider world. Embracing the - your own - evolution of consciousness it's like surfing on the big strange and sometimes scary waves of life - instead of wrecking and drowning. 

Learn to use the sward of a sharp thinking, unapologetically honest, and your heart would be able to breath again, and expand, and do its real job: To love and be loved.

Understanding behavior is important.

Correcting false thinking patterns is important.

But we need to go beyond. What's outside is just a symptom, the first layer of a story made of various chapters and of different other stories. Puzzle together your story. The story of your soul - that needs to be listened to, understood, and integrated. Then, you'll experience real changes.

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"You have been wonderful. Thank you!"

Steve L. - Boca Raton, FL