In a very ancient time when neither of us were born, the house was a place where many things were produced: Fabrics, clothes, jars, flour, soaps - and of course, children, teaching, nursing and care. The house was a full plate. Women managed all this, they were the direct responsible. The interior of life was intense and busy, as the exterior risky and challenging. Each aspect had its gift, and its burden.

One day, however, after a long evolution, a series of discoveries, research, and development - because humanity has this uncontrollable tendency: It doesn’t stay still, it is always progressing, whether we like it or not, want it or not – so, then, one day the house began to become empty. Household appliances simplified tasks, electronic devices and machines replaced us, factories produced what the house had previously handled. The chief administrative women got bored. Bored and reclusive in the empty house. Without purpose, neurosis appeared. And with that came the headaches and the screaming menstrual periods.

The need and the curiosity, that overwhelming, brilliant, and terrifying desire to leave the house emerged: To work outside, to study and to discover a new reality.

And women faced a setback, a sad shadow that prevented them to get what they desired: They found themselves psychologically chained. A large padlock held them, a padlock made of fear, insecurity, submission, beliefs, and ... the great imposing shadow of her husband, her father or brother who would dictate them a place, a way of living, how to think, feel, and be.

Intimidated and terrified, women realized how the entire world is men’s and men’s allies. They were alone.

Two options were left to them: To either bend over backwards and gain the strength and courage to fulfill their inner desire ... or to bury their desire, to swallow it dry, to smile, and to ally themselves with the strongest - including blaming their friends, daughters, sisters, or neighbors who would choose to be brave (or "scandalous, radical, crazy").

By challenging the masculine world and its allied women, the pioneer women had embarked on a difficult journey. But they also met sisters, drawn to each other by the same fight, like magnets. Through blood and tears, they have earned the right to be active in society, and truly citizens. They have won this right for themselves and for every woman. That is why today we can study, work, and vote.

Decades later, new generations of women brought new challenges. They discovered that it was not enough to enter the masculine world, it was necessary to change it. A clear new need emerged, that of creating space for feminine values, which are: women's way of being, seeing things, feeling, and doing. Motherhood, sensitivity, and intuition were not yet included. So far women had simply become like them, men. Now, they wanted to be truly themselves, just the way they are. Their bodies respected, their desires and intuition heard. Their speech not interrupted. Their safety assured. Their salary equal to that of men. Their husband, partner, friend, a safe trustworthy confidant.

Once again, a group of pioneer women began to seek to open a new path. Once again it has encountered violent barriers both from the masculine world that doesn’t want to lose its privileges as well as from those women who, without enough self-esteem, need male approval to feel valuable, and therefore they support the system they belong to, going against pioneer women.

Feminism means self-esteem and gratitude for being a woman. Womanhood is something wonderful and because of that it needs to be protected fearlessly. Feminism means to be in favor of and practice equal rights: Outside and inside the home. Feminism means gestating and giving birthto a better society.

Adriana Tanese Nogueira - Psychoanalyst, philosopher, life coach, transpersonal therapist, dream interpreter, Bach flower therapist, author, perinatal educator, founder of the non-profit Amigas do Parto, the online Institute of long distance courses Ser e Saber Consciente and the website ConsciousnessBoca.com in Boca Raton, FL-USA. + 1-561-3055321

P.S.: This is clearly a soft version of reality. It is meant for beginners and delicate minds.

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