Making History

Gigantic changes start with little things.

The journeybegins with small steps.

If we don’t act consciously, we’ll act unconsciously and irresponsibly.

The results of both actions will fall upon us.

It is better to possess the understanding of what we are doing

within the best of our abilities and the consciousness

we have at the moment than paying for actions committed

“without intention” but even so with consequences.

Let’s be conscious of ourselves.

Let’s take the path of self-knowledge because

who does not possess themselves cannot do anything real good.

Let’s learn to love ourselves to be truly able to love others.

Women and men who make history leave the cattle behind

(whose path leads to the slaughterhouse) and take

the individual and solitary pathway of individuation.

This is a road that needs to be created, it is not ready yet,

for it is only yours.

Nobody had walked down it before – only you.

Life has a meaning.

This meaning cannot be found outside ourselves.

The meaning can only be personal: It is the meaning of yourlife.

The meaning of your life is inside you.

To find it you need to embrace your inner journey.

How long will it take?

Nobody knows.

The journey is the purpose.


Going means self-knowledge and knowledge.

Nothing can substitute them.

Knowledge is both rational and irrational, cognitive and emotional, abstract and experiential. It means study, dedication, consistency, discipline, results.

Self-knowledge is therapy and analysis, dream interpretation, inner honesty and inner courage, lucidity and love. It is also discovery and exploration of the past lives we carry within us, of those other stories that continue acting out while we are trying to live the present one. It is healing of wounds from other times, but also rescue of qualities and accomplishments we already obtained.

All other things are usefulifthey contribute organically and consciously to this journey. Otherwise they are distractions.

There are no shortcuts.

Don’t fool yourself.

Each of us needs to face one’s journey and it is what it is.

Do not complain: Understand!

Acknowledge, accept, discern.

Then you will be able to act properly.

I assure you that at a certain point, a gigantic love will be pouring out of your chest and you (either in your imagination or for real) will feel like kneeling down and thanking the heavens for being who you are and having gotten so far.

Nobody will know, nobody will hear. Only you.

And that will be enough.

This is happiness.

And then you will do good. Always.

And then you will feel fine. Always.

Deep inside, always fine.

Because you will be happy for being you.

Because you will not be alone anymore, you will have yourself.

Because you will not feel lost anymore, you will have found yourself.

That is my wish for you.

Happy New Year.

Adriana Tanese Nogueira





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